Does your property require renovation works or improvement?


Very often potential landlords are worried about works that may be required to their property and how will they arrange these works, with little or no property knowledge it can be very dangerous to use craftsman plucked from your local Yellow Pages or trade directory.

Landlords need not worry unduly, at Nationwide Property Lettings we are fully conversant with all property matters and can either assist with minor works that the landlord feels confident about or take over full project management of the most comprehensive property refurbishment.We have experience of virtually all property works and can help take the strain out of property ownership for landlords.

It has become very difficult if not near impossible to choose good tradesmen and the path to finding good workmanship at fair prices is fraught with problems, programmes like Watchdog on television are sadly overflowing with nightmare stories from innocent people who have been taken in by crooked or inept tradesmen.

Because of our experience in such matters we have good tradesmen at our disposal many of whom give us their undivided attention and all of whom carry out work to the very best of standards. Where specialist works are required such as in gas or electrical installations we have tradesmen available who are qualified to the highest standards ensuring that our landlords and their tenants stand protected by quality workmanship..

We can undertake all projects both large and small

We have managed many projects successfully and would welcome any enquires regarding your own property.


All landlords should be made aware that there is legislation in place to ensure that some works MUST only be carried out by suitably qualified personnel, if you are unsure about any works please consult professional contractors or call us first, it may save you being prosecuted or even jailed!