The partners of Nationwide Property Lettings have extensive, well rounded knowledge of all property matters and partiqularly of the Buy To Let market.

Careful consideration is required before setting out on the road to successful property investment and our advice can ensure that your experience is a positive one, your property portfolio must be built on sound foundations just as any building itself should be, poor advice or no advice could mean that your Buy To Let experience could prove very costly indeed.

We have given Buy To Let guidance to many investors over the years and we are pleased to report that clients who have taken our advice have gained from a sound investment, many have gone on to grow quite sizable property portfolios, most of which are managed by ourselves. It is certainly proof of the pudding that almost all of the clients that started by taking our advice are still taking our advice because it has proved so successful.

"Always be sure that the advice you receive is independent"


Independent Advice

Nationwide Property Lettings is an independent firm and as such we are able to give advice which is unbiased and only based on what we know to be a good investment, unlike some agents who are keen to promote their own property sales our advice is only based on the particular property and how it may perform as a future Buy To Let investment. It is important that investors do not take any advice directly from a developers sales office or any estate agent they are considering purchasing from without taking advice from an independent source first. Many first time Buy To Let investors have had rude awakenings when their purchase has failed to perform as they have been told it would, indeed some have started out with a considerable loss!

Where do I start?

Nationwide Property Lettings of Swindon can offer comprehensive advice to any landlord, and especially to those that have no experience in the property market, property investment is a specialist field and we can help you make sure that you start your Buy To Let experience in the right way. Our services include Search & Acquisition wherby we will set about finding the right property for you, view on your behalf if necessary and negotiate through to a succesful purchase.

Is Swindon a good place for Buy To Let investment?

Swindon benefits from one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the country and is situated in a prime position on the M4 corridor, the town has grown enormously in recent years and is no longer dependent on only two industries (Railways & Pressed Steel) it now offers a wide spectrum of employment including manufacturing and the service industries. Despite its commercial success Swindon remains one of the most attractive places for property investment in the UK, property prices locally offer excellent value for money and consequently often give a better return on investment than many similar towns such as Reading (only 40 mins away). There is currently a shortage of quality housing in Swindon and this coupled with strong demand from quality tenants from all over the world means that Swindon will remain a good base for property investment for the forseeable future.

Despite Swindons prime position for property investment it must be stressed that property investment should not be taken up on a whim and sound advice will provide the rigid backbone of your investment, it is therefore imperative that advice should be sought well before setting out on the road to Buy To Let, it could save thousands and more often than not it may mean that your investement peforms so much better, ask Nationwide Property Lettings first!.

And finally.........

Buy To Let investment is an individual matter and advice for one client can be poison to another, it is very important that you are not bamboozeled into purchasing a property by someone who has an axe to grind, ask yourself "what has this person to gain by telling me that". Do your research before committing your own hard earned cash to someone you hardly know, your peaceful retirement may depend on it!!!