Nationwide Property Lettings - Who are we? What do we do?


Nationwide Property Lettings Swindon was formed some five to six years ago, borne out of a property partnership that has endured for some 25 years. Based on sound property knowledge it has been our mission to provide our landlords and tenants with a service which is unrivalled in the market place today.

Because the partners of Nationwide Property Lettings have a broad based knowledge of all property matters they are able to advise clients on almost all aspects of property ownership and management, unlike many other letting agents whose knowledge is based solely on property management.

The benefit of this to you as a landlord or a tenant is that you can rest assured that we are able to provide comprehensive advice on all property matters, this advice can start well before anyone has spent any money on property purchase, in fact we prefer to speak to landlords well before they have even started deciding on what they would like to purchase. By advising at a very early stage we have been able to ensure as much as possible that our landlords are able to purchase property which is going to maximise their investment.

Very often we meet landlords who have, quite innocently purchased property on the advice of someone who has much to gain from their purchase.This is very often someone who is unqualified to give sound advice on property! Fledgling landlords often spend many thousands of pounds on property which they think will let perfectly well but on deeper analysis could prove to be either completely unsuitable or just a very bad investement.

We pride ourselves on being able to give honest and very often 'blunt' advice on how to create your own property portfolio, this will very often mean telling a potential landlord something that they do not want to hear, we make no excuses for telling things just as they are, in fact we feel it is our duty to ensure that our clients hear the bad news from us as well as the good news.

If properly planned, building a property portfolio should not prove to be the daunting task that it very often looks, we can be involved at the very start of your journey into the Buy To Let arena and can certainly prevent many mistakes made by those who surge ahead with property purchase and then ask questions after.

Nationwide Property Lettings in Swindon UK provide a service second to none, it is a service targeted at those who want a professional service for a fair charge. We are constantly looking at how we can improve our service to clients and also our own procedures, we are a progressive partnership aimed at those who want the very best value for money, is that you?

Very often landlords are put off a property based investment because they are frightened of what works may be required and their construction contacts are very limited. You need not worry because our own contacts are extensive and our firm is able to project manage the most complicated of works. We are experienced in managing both small and large projects and welcome enquiries regarding this service, please see further details of our Project Management Service on the dedicated page.

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